A collaboration between the Compagnie De Brune and Tangente


From January 15 to 27, 2007, choreographers Karine Denault, Line Nault and Katie Ward and dancer Kate Holden participated in the second Slash residency at Tangente.

Two public performances took place on January 26 and 27, 2007, 20:30, at Tangente.

Karine Denault holds a BFA in dance from the Université du Québec à Montréal and is a recipient of the William Douglas Excellence Scholarship. Since the founding of her company, L’aune, in 2001, she has performed her solos throughout Canada and Europe. Her piece Échine Barricade (I m mobile) was named one of the five most outstanding dance pieces of 2002 by Montreal’s Voir and has since been presented in Montréal, Vancouver, Regina, Berlin, Ljubljana and Vienna, among other cities. Karine regularly serves on various contemporary dance evaluation committees and acts as artistic consultant for other choreographers.
In June 2006, Karine premiered her solo piece Sokrat, based on L’argent by French poet Christophe Tarkos, at the Dance Canada Festival in Ottawa. During the upcoming season, Karine will participate in Lynda Gaudreau’s Clash project, travel to France to work on a collaborative piece with Anne-Marie Boisvert and present a new solo in Montreal in April 2007.

Starting with minimalist concepts – most of the time based on a linguistic or systematic logic – Line Nault develops projects that allow diverse domains (such as somatics, multi-media and digital) to reflect upon each other. This reflection-mirror itself becomes the territory of her creations. Line’s work is characterized by an ‘Interstice’ approach – working from the place of an opening, a gap. This is evident not only in the physiological components of her work, but also through her examination of artistic practices.
Line Nault has collaborated as both interpreter and choreographer with various creators and creative bodies in dance, theatre, multi-media, installations and variety shows. Some of these include Manon Oligny, Martin Bélanger, Brigitte Haentjens, Marie-Claude Poulin (kondition pluriel), Louis Champagne, Benoit Lachambre, Stéphane Crête, and the companies Trans-Théâtre, Momentum, L’ange à deux têtes and Tournifolie. Since 2002, Line has been focusing on her creations while also specializing in Somatic Education at UQAM.

Katie WARD
« My work is focused towards dynamics of power and coexistence in community. Layered exchanges where dancers are simultaneously in conflict, as well as dependent on one another for physical support reflect my fascination with an ambiguity caused by conflict. »
An independent dancer and choreographer, Montrealer, Katie Ward has presented her choreography across Canada in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver. Katie has also performed across Canada and across Europe for emerging and established choreographers alike including: Rachel Browne, Ruth Cansfield, Sarah Febbraro, Stéphane Gladyszewski, Sharon Moore, Pamela Newell, Pierre Paul Savoie, and Ben Read.
Katie studied dance with Ruth Cansfield, Davida Monk, Tom Stroud, Ginelle Chagnon, Peter Bingham and Stephanie Skura. Returning to Concordia University, for part time studies she focused on choreography with Silvy Panet Raymond, with side interests in visual art and art history.

Born and raised in Toronto, Kate Holden is a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and Etobicoke School of the Arts. Concurrent with her professional training, she performed frequently with PBJ Dance and Gabby Kamino. A member of the Danny Grossman Dance Company from 2001-2003, Kate is currently an independent dance artist splitting her time between Montreal and Toronto, and is a board member of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists. Kate has interpreted works of many esteemed Canadian choreographers, including Peggy Baker, Roberto Campanella, Robert Desrosiers, David Earle, Sylvain Emard, Sasha Ivanochko, James Kudelka, Michael Trent, Andrea Nann, and Yvonne Ng. In 2007, Kate and fellow dance artist Kate Franklin, with their collective “first things first productions”, are producing an evening of commissioned works called “Namesake”; featuring choreography by Kate Alton, D.A. Hoskins, Laurence Lemieux, and Matjash Mrozewski.

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