“With time, I have simplified my vocabulary to such a point that in 0101, there is almost nothing left to see. I wanted to see only that which is choreographic. I removed dance and worked from the idea of choreography “without space”. I wasn’t aiming to create a minimalist dance but obviously, working on movement material was imperative. I essentially worked with quantities of time, space and movement. This lead me to write choreographic scores.”

— Lynda Gaudreau

A Théâtre de la Ville (Paris, France), Centre National de la Danse (Pantin, France), Canada Dance Festival (Ottawa, Canada) and Compagnie De Brune coproduction.


Artistic direction and choreography
Lynda Gaudreau

Choreography developed with the dancers
AnneBruce Falconer and Ken Roy

Monique Romeiko and Daniel Villeneuve

Luc Paradis

Sound design
Alexandre St-Onge and Lynda Gaudreau

Musical excerpts
Les Baxter, from the album Quiet Village (Martin Denny, 1959)

Lucie Bazzo

Costume assistant
Marie-Éve Daniel

Lynda Gaudreau thanks the architects Annie Lebel and Stéphane Pratte for their participation in the creative process.

Lynda Gaudreau thanks Martin Faucher and Catherine Tardif as outside eyes, as well as Paul Dumoulin and Nathalie Bujold for their artistic advice.

Compagnie De Brune thanks the Centre National de la Danse (Pantin, France), O Vertigo | The Creation Centre (Montréal, Canada) and Tangente (Montréal, Canada) for the residencies.


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