Created in May 2009, BLACK OUT is of punk/pop/alternative music inspiration. The work calls upon three musicians: singer Dominique Pétrin, from the 90s group Les Georges Leningrad, DJ Martin Tétrault and bass player Michel Meunier. Paired with choreographer Dana Gingras, whose work has always been intimately linked to music, these artists bring out the spirit of rock.

Dancer Karina Iraola, her presence between dance, photography and theatre, inhabits a constructed, artificial space. The project lives between visual art, dance and concert.

Premiere: May 27, 2009, studio presentation at De Studio (Montréal)


Conception and artistic direction
Lynda Gaudreau

Developed in collaboration with
Dana Gingras

Assisted by
Clara Furey

Movement materiel developed with
Karina Iraola

Composition and musical direction
Martin Tétreault

Music developed with
Dominique Pétrin

With the participation of guitarist
Michel Meunier

Dana Gingras, Karina Iraola, Michel Meunier, Dominique Pétrin, Martin Tétreault

Special thanks to Sarah Doucet and Michel Langevin, who were part of the initial project research, and thank you to visual artists Alexandre David and Yann Pocreau

Sound engineer
Anne-Françoise Jacques

Bernard Tessier

Accessories (guitars)
Dominique Pétrin

Compagnie De Brune wishes to thank the Maison de la culture Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc Extension (Montréal, Canada), la Maison de la culture Frontenac (Montréal, Canada), Tangente (Montréal, Canada), O Vertigo | The Creation Centre (Montréal, Canada) for the residencies.


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