Lucky Bastard (2003, 2004)

Lucky BastardLucky BastardLucky Bastard

Initiated by choreographer Lynda Gaudreau, Lucky Bastard is a multidisciplinary laboratory bringing together artists from widely different fields. Encounters between participants, between artists and audience, and artist and idea are at the core of the event.

Evolving “in the now”, each artist is given a path at the last minute with guidelines for use of time and space, as well as certain actions to execute. The artists are unaware of each others’ path. Each acts on his or her own and sometimes, without knowing it, in a duet or a group. “More and more, there is a kind of formatting in performances. This is why I was searching for a different way of creating, other than usual production modes,” explains the choreographer.

Is it a performance, a presentation, a creative process? “I wanted to develop a project bringing artists and audiences together, but not necessarily on common ground,” specifies Lynda Gaudreau. “I am interested in things that don’t go together, bastard associations. With Lucky Bastard, there will be no rehearsals, only meetings, successful or not, between creators of all disciplines.”

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Lucky Bastard — Festival international de nouvelle danse (2003)

Photographer: Marlene Millar

The first Lucky Bastard laboratory was created and directed by Lynda Gaudreau as guest curator at the 11th Festival international de nouvelle danse in Montréal. It brought together more than thirty of the city’s artists from dance and other fields (performance, sound and visual arts, etc.) for four evenings of performances, improvisations and exchanges presented in a friendly and surprising setting.


Public presentations: October 2 to 5, 2003, Society for Arts and Technology (Montréal, Canada)

Artistic Direction
Lynda Gaudreau

Lynda Gaudreau, Christof Migone

Lynda Gaudreau, Christof Migone, Martin Tétreault

Nicolas Marion

Pierre Tanguay

Video caption
Marlene Millar

Magali Babin, Sarah Bild, Sonya Biernath, Lina Cruz, Jean Derome, AnneBruce Falconer, Florence Figols, Alain Francoeur, Jackie Gallant, Louis Guillemette, Karen Guttman, Marcelle Hudon, Peter James, Danielle Lecourtois, Alexis O’Hara, Maya Ostrofsky, Maryse Poulin, Guylaine Savoie, Pierre-Paul Savoie, Alexandre St-Onge, Sioned Watkins, Sarah Williams

Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Diane Morin

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Lucky Bastard — Festival Île Danse (2004)

From May 14 to 16, 2004, Lynda Gaudreau developed a second Lucky Bastard laboratory during the Festival Île Danse in Ajaccio (Corsica). For this occasion, ten dancers, actors, musicians and guest artists of the seventh edition of the Festival took over Espace Image (a huge outdoor structure located in the town harbour) to create artistic moments according to precise open-ended instructions.


Public presentations: May 14 to 16, 2004, Espace Image (Ajaccio, Corsica)

Concept and Design
Lynda Gaudreau, Christof Migone

Lucie Bazzo

Jean-Marc Fillet, Sandra Trambouze, Rafaël Alvarez, André Castro, Karen Schoenemann, Christophe Polart, Massimo Biacchi, Deniz Olgay Yamanus, Anne Delahaye, Varinia Canto Vila, Anna Velasquez

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