Tu (2003)

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Invited by Chantal Pontbriand, director of the magazine Parachute in Montréal, and Yves Robert, director of the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, Lynda Gaudreau presented an original video entitled Tu at the L’idée de communauté conference at Villa Gillet in Lyon, on November 8, 2003.

For Tu, Lynda Gaudreau invited Christof Migone and Alexandre St-Onge, the two sound artists who worked on DOCUMENT 3 with her in 2002, to discuss their creation process and their collaboration.

In DOCUMENT 3, Lynda Gaudreau used text (monologue and dialogue) for the first time, working on the question of meaning, and investigating how communication is initiated. Several of the processes developed in DOCUMENT 3 were re-used in Tu, in particular, the process of reduction (masks, phonemes).

In Tu, a meeting time and place have been determined. Lynda Gaudreau, Christof Migone, and Alexandre St-Onge are in an apartment. They try to start a conversation in front of a stationnary camera. Quickly, the content of the discussion slides. Circumvented, ‘drained off,’ it leaves the three speakers deserted/abandoned/isolated, stripped of communication. La conversation est tu(e): the conversation is silenced. Afterwards, they watch the videotape and decide to mask and censor part of what was said, accepting to preserve and present something of that moment.


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