Texts and interviews


Confounding the Big Picture, “Out of Grace” by Lynda Gaudreau

By Marie Claire Forté / The Dance Current

The Language of Dance: Thoughts from Lynda Gaudreau

Interview with Lynda Gaudreau By Eury Chang, Dance Central, May/June 2010

In Response to 0101

By Justine A. Chambers

SPACE OUT, Entretien avec Lynda Gaudreau

By Virginie Riopel, November 2009


Interview with Lynda Gaudreau by Megan Andrews, translation by Marie Claire Forté / THE DANCE CURRENT



Lynda Gaudreau: "Translation is a relationship to time and space"

Yannick Dufour, UBU European Stages

Encyclopœdia – DOCUMENT 3

Collecting Moments and Dancing on the Philosopher's Stone

Philip Szporer, Ballet International/Tanz Aktuell


Encyclopœdia – DOCUMENT 2

Encyclopœdia – DOCUMENT 2

Andrée Martin, Théâtre de la Ville in Paris' program


Encyclopœdia – DOCUMENT 1

On Democratic Knowledge

Johannes Odenthal, Ballet International/Tanz Aktuell


Still Life Nº 1 (1996)

Les matériaux de la chorégraphe Lynda Gaudreau

André Lamarre