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De Studio offers you a space for residencies, presenting works-in-progress, hosting seminars and soirées — in dance, performance, video — to knock your head against a wall alone or within a group, to explore your obsessions deeply without the pressure of producing a finished work or even knowing the outcome. De Studio values exchange and dialogue. We are looking for daring artists, working collaboratively and seeking to exhilarate their practice.

De Studio and the studio equipment are available to you free of charge. You must however cover the costs of your production. Further, working at De Studio implies being hosted by a community built around choreographer Lynda Gaudreau and the Compagnie De Brune. A multitude of partners activate the space through their work as well as their support to projects taking place at De Studio, creating a dynamic space for research. Becoming a partner requires that you contribute to studio operations and activities — for a couple of hours a month or more, depending on your availability.

To submit a project to De Studio, send us a letter of intent with a brief project description, technical requirements, a description of your process and a resume via email to We invite you to detail technical information, including equipment, human resources, set up and take down time, schedule, names of participants and specific needs.


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