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In Limbo
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In Limbo 2009-2012

Proposed over a three year period, In Limbo is the continuation of its predecessor, Clash, fostering dialogue and collaboration between artists working in choreography and other disciplines. Projects initiated in this context value discourse and an experimental approach. Tangente, Laboratoire de mouvements contemporains, is pursuing this initiative with Lynda Gaudreau / Compagnie De Brune, which encourages research in dance.

First Edition 2009-2010

In Limbo’s first edition was held in November 2009 and April 2010, with presentations at Tangente in April 2010. Four artist duos — Geneviève Gagné and Emily Honegger, Anne Thériault and Catherine Gaudet, Jody Hegel and David Drury, Manon Oligny and Delphine Balley — were hosted in residence at Tangente and at De Studio, where they worked collaboratively on a short choreography.

“I proposed unpredictability as a theme to the artists; the artist pairs developed different choreographic proposals that were presented as 10 minute ‘mini-commissions’. In this project, I wanted to give a voice to experimentation and collaboration, especially in current economic crisis which impedes risk-taking in creation.”

— Lynda Gaudreau, project instigator and artistic director

Amélie Bédard-Gagnon, Sarah Dell'Ava, Alison Dotti, Rosalie Famelart, Shannon Leibgott, Émilie Morin, Ariane Paradis, Caroline Rochefort, Gabrielle Surprenant-Lacasse

Lighting consultant
Alexandre Pilon-Guay

Estelle Frenette-Valère, lighting
Camille Thibault-Bédard, costumes

Delphine Balley’s participation was supported by l’Office franco-québécois pour la Jeunesse

Second Edition 2010-2011

The second edition of In Limbo takes course over two residencies. Lynda Gaudreau and her guests Marie Claire Forté and k.g. Guttman are working at Tangente in January and April 2011, with public presentations at the end of April. In January, the artists explored different proposals through sound and set design.

“The departure and arrival points are at varied distances from each other. We can broach an idea, take it for a walk and see what happens, commit to it and not give up, no matter how impossible or crazy it may seem. A rigorous approach may well be this: beyond the content, it is the courage focus on one thing.”

— Lynda Gaudreau


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