Lynda Gaudreau, Artistic Director


“I work on ideas. I study them in different forms, with different processes, alone and in groups. I define myself as an author through my practice, as I have been working around the same preoccupations for several years. The presence of others, however, is instrumental to work — so in the most strict of senses, I am not an author. It is simply that my choreography passes both through my work and the work of others. My interest in collecting, commissioning and seeking out work is an intrinsic part of my process.”

— Lynda Gaudreau

Lynda Gaudreau has a collaborative choreographic practice that includes artists in dance and other disciplines. She invites artists to collaborate on her own creations and creates projects with and for her peers.

The choreographer and her Compagnie De Brune have collaborated with some of the most prestigious artistic organizations in Québec, Canada, and Europe. Lynda Gaudreau was long-time collaborator of the Klapstuck festival in the 90s and she has collaborated with the most prestigious Flemish organisations, all while pursuing an international career, mostly in Europe. Since 2001, the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris has presented most of her work and co-produced her recent creations. She is a guest lecturer and teaches regularly in Belgium, namely at Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s school P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios). Her work has brought her throughout Canada, to Brazil, Austria, Germany, France, Space, Croatia and Israel.

Beyond her productions, her choreographic process includes a considerable proportion of curatorial work and mentorship. Since 2005, she has instigate several events in Montréal, primarily for younger generations of artists, such as Clash and In Limbo, presented in partnership with Tangente.

With the interdisciplinary event SPACE OUTin 2009, the company launched it’s new space, De Studio, an experimental choreographers’ studio. A group of associate artists from dance and other disciplines activate De Studio and organise a variety of activities for it (public presentations, talks, residencies, classes). The values shared at De Studio are discourse and the articulation of research questions. Alongside Tangente (a significant partner for a number of years now), Studio 303 as well as KunstenCentrum Buda in Kortrijk and wp Zimmer in Antwerp have joined the studio project to facilitate exchanges between artists from Montréal and abroad.

Lynda Gaudreau and the Compagnie De Brune began the new choreographic series OUT in 2009. Presented at the Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen at the end of 2010, OUT OF GRACE is an experimental creation between choreography and visual art. Over the course of five weeks, live bodies occupy the gallery space as visual artworks conceived for the space are presented in a non-static fashion.

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